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The Treasury contains over 1,250 works of art. They include such unique items as the insignia of the Kings and Queens of Bavaria, their jewels and orders, masterpieces of the goldsmith's art and objects made from rock crystal, precious stones and ivory.

The following gallery conveys an idea of the scope and quality of the works on display. Click on an image to see a larger version.


Link to the crown of the kings of Bavaria

Crown of the kings
of Bavaria

Link to the toison of the Golden Fleece

Toison of the Golden Fleece

Link to the reliquary of Emperor Henry II

Reliquary of Emperor
Henry II

Link to the drinking game "Diana with stag"

Drinking game "Diana with stag"

Link to the cross of Queen Gisela

Cross of Queen Gisela

Link to the travelling set of Empress Marie Louise

Travelling set

Link to the "Henry Chalice"

"Henry Chalice"

Link to the statuette of St George

Statuette of St George

Link to the crucifix


Link to the two small globes

Two small globes

Link to the crown of an English Queen

Crown of an English Queen

Link to the ornamental jug

Ornamental jug

Link to the Sapphire Cup

Sapphire Cup

Link to the pendulum clock

Pendulum clock

Link to the ostrich egg cup

Ostrich egg cup

Link to the chest



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